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Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Wed Dec 19 15:48:50 PST 2001

On 2001.12.19 22:41 Chris Lynn wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 07:43:41PM +0000, Mark Ellis wrote:
> > Not really an update, more of an info newsflash :) When i posted about
> the
> > last release, i said i wasn't sure whether external entities would
> work,
> > well they dont :(
> Yeah, i noticed the same thing recently... After a recent chat with Brian
> it
> does definatly look like a XML::Twig bug, and i beleive that it has been
> pointed out to the Twig maintainer, but donna if they will do anything
> about
> it in a reasonable amount of time...
> 		 > I get strange errors about various things, and i'm 
> buggered if i know
> what
> > it's doing. Therefore i'm giving _very_ serious thought about switching
> > from XML::Twig to LibXML. It has loads of features, seems to be
> regularly
> > updated and is just plain cool, as long as it works of course :) If
> anyone
> > has a good reason why not to do this, then please say so, I may give it
> a
> > go after crimble.
> hmmm, i know for a fact that HIghOS was looking at libxml2, and i would
> suppose that there would be perl modules availble for it,

There is, see my other post :)

> but it may be
> time
> to have a look at an alternate method... I have heard good things about
> the
> sax/soap combination, and from recent experiance with sax, i would
> strongly
> recommend that you have a look at it... The sax machine would especially
> be
> usefull in an ALFS like enviroment, with the recursive affects that a
> change
> can have...

I've glanced at SAX, got intrigued, decided i didn't have time to learn 
it. Might be worth another look later on though.

> Anyhoo
> Chris
> P.S. oh btw, there are a few things that the updated FE/BE has broken
> when
> using the 1.0 syntax, i'll chase them down soon and have a little post
> about them. ;-)
> --

Excellent, please do, i'm trying to maintain the old syntax for as long as 
it's practical, but it tends to be trial and error rather than properly 
thrashing out the bugs.

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