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Chris Lynn roryo at
Wed Dec 19 14:26:50 PST 2001

On Sun, Dec 16, 2001 at 04:07:31PM +0000, Paul Campbell wrote:
> It's finished, and I've uploaded it to:

Cool, i'll grab it in a bit have a look-see ;-)

> It works, and boots, and I followed the LFS-Changelog and book as closely as 
> possible.  Although I think Neven has one anyway.

Yes, i recently had a look at Neven's profiles; very clean - i like the

> Yep.  I was going to add another level of sections, like the LFS chapters, but
> it doesn't work, I mean there are gfx libs before X, after X, before KDE/Gnome,
> after KDE gnome.  and so on.  So just a long list like:
> &zlib;
> &openssl;
> &openssh; and so on.

Yeah, it is possible to have a an external .xml the just lists which
profiles to use.  i.e.

<!DOCTYPE alfs [

<!ENTITY % xfree-ents SYSTEM "xfree-ents">

<!ENTITY xfree SYSTEM "xfree.xml">
<!ENTITY xfree-41 SYSTEM "xfree-41.xml">
<!ENTITY zlib SYSTEM "zlib.xml">


<!-- the xfree.xml file -->
<!-- end xfree.xml file -->

Now while this _is_ valid XML, the current perl ALFS doesnt support it,
appently XML::Twig is screwed in this regard the '%' entity pointers dont
get expanded during parsing... Another way of doing it would be to use the
<include /> tag, but i havent had a play with that as yet, from memory I
found a demo set of profiles on Neven's site the was demostrating the
<include>, so you want to have a look.

> I have been getting more prolific of late, and my devel dirs are in a total
> mess.  I think I need to start looking into the ways of keeping versions from
> getting intermixed and all confused.  It's a nightmare sometimes.  Take my
> profiles directory on my webserver.  If anyones been that way they will know
> just how much of a mess it really is.  ( I've tidied up, for your info )
> So please, plesae give me a little more info, on CVS and what's involved etc.

/me nods 

I did start on a cvs primer a while ago, i'll see if i can get a few moments
in the next couple of days to update it with all the cool new things i've
learned about cvs recently, branching et al...

> mother is dead. " Long live!" bsrg-wrk3.1.xml is born.  Stands for 
> (Bingham Street Research Group - Workstation (based on LFS-3.1) )
>   ^^ This is not a serious org. hehe

hehe, i take it you live in Bingham Street? ;-)

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