Patch for nALFS

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Wed Dec 19 11:38:55 PST 2001

On 2001.12.18 17:42 Paul Campbell wrote:

> Yes.  Hmmmm! mmm?  Could we not begin to think in a more eXtensible way?
> I
> can't speak from a C programmers perspective, nor any other much language
> with
> much experience, but what about plugin handlers?  Do nALFS and ALFS fall
> over
> when they do not recognise an element?  Should / could they not just
> display it
> as --> [Unknown element]  <meta>.  I suppose this would lead to a minor
> mod at
> least, in that the parser would need to search the package element to
> find the
> <name> and <version> elements, as it could be contained in a <meta> or
> similar
> element?  aka package/descendant::name (Xpath)  *I* think in my limited
> knowledge of XML, that this kind of element selection is for the better
> as it is flexible.
> So I think that a version 3 syntax, might by likely, but, can we pause,
> and
> consider 4, 5, 6, 7 ......  Making them simple extension rather than
> re-writes?

Actually the structure of both perl ALFS and nALFS make dropping in new 
handlers a piece of cake, so long as they don't do anything _too_ 
fundamental to operation. I just ignore unrecognised elements, and from 
what i've looked at in Neven's code i think he does a simple validity 
check, not sure exactly but giving an "unrecognised" or "unsupported" 
message probably wouldn't be hard. I should put in a check, just haven't 
decided how to do it yet :) While we're on the subject Neven, love the way 
you use that HANDLER macro in elements.h, inspired coding !

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