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Martin Imobersteg imm at
Tue Dec 18 08:53:13 PST 2001

> I also like putting all that "meta" information in the element of it's own.
> I always get a funny feeling after adding even <version> and <name> on
> the same depth level as <build> and friends. It doesn't seem natural to
> me. This is something that Felipe is also suggesting - separating all that
> info from the building instructions (maybe not by using <meta>, we might
> need something more descriptive) could be nice.

Then we would have something like this proposed by Paul:

  <decription>This an example decription</descrtiption>
  <comments>Bla bla</comments>

  <!-- Here comes the rest -->

How we could handle dependencies ?
Some time ago i have done a Makefile to build an lfs.
I touched a file in a dir ( ex: touch /var/log/installed/libfoobar-0.18 )
and checked for its existence.
This approach could be used by nALFS in touching a file <name>-<version>
in a standard dir. I think the solution of Felipe with a 
<depend>bonobo>=0.18</depend> tag is ok, but i see some problems with the >= 
cause there are some realy ugly versioning models around :-(

> But this would be a big syntax change again, because it's incompatible
> with current profiles. And adding is_new_new_syntax() (god forbid ;) or
> is_syntax_version(3) would make me (and probably Mark) very unhappy. ;)
> I'll start writing ideas like this, so maybe in the future when we have a
> pile of them, we could switch to syntax 3.0, quickly and less painfully?
> By that time, we should also have a good "converter" between different
> syntaxes (you seem to make a good progress with XSLT for example), making
> the change easier in that way too.

What about a unstable version to implement such things. It would be cool if 
we can test the things before we release a new syntax.

I have some visions of a database which contains all the infos for the xml's. 
It could be feed from the book via xslt, from freshmeat (versions, package 
description ) and a web frontend. 
Then you could go and click your system together with all the available 
packeges, type in your ip, hostname and stuff and download it to your
pc. alfs would build it for u - et voila, your brand new system :-)
Dream on ...

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