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Felipe Contreras al593181 at mail.mty.itesm.mx
Tue Dec 18 00:55:39 PST 2001

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 12:51:51PM +0000, Paul Campbell wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <al593181 at mail.mty.itesm.mx> wrote:
> > 3. The information should be divided
> Descriptive or meta elements for packages.  These can be optional.  Like:
> <package>
> 	<name>bar</name>
> 	<meta>
> 		<download-url>http://foo.bar.com/oofrab.tar.bz2</download-url>
> 		<decription>This an example decription</descrtiption>
> 		<comments>
> 			Example: there is a possiblity to compile foo before this and
> 			gain bar support.
> 		</comments>
> 	</meta>
> </package>
> It was the transforming to HTML that gave me the idea.  Never mind transforming
> to HTML, I have realised that ALFS can be trandformed to bash just as easily,
> if not more easily.  The download URLs could be parsed out and sorted into a
> wget script, launched in the background etc.

Indeed, as I said, I've almost done an alfs parser that does that, in a
stupid way, but it does it. It just converts all the commands it finds
in the specified profile to bash commands.

> Having meta stuff would make the syntax more portable, and leave some
> information about what is what and what it needs, or does.

Yes, that whould help, and sorry to be reluctant, but I think it will be
too much stuff to be on a single profile, altought that depends on the
each one's point of view.

> Another little idea that I haven't dreamed of the details on, is package
> dependancy IDs.  If one package can depand on another, then it gets a higher
> ID than that package.  XSLT can then be used to sort a profile after it has 
> been pieced together in the now modular style.  One thing that will cause a 
> problem now that we have seperate packages in seperate files, is getting them 
> in the right order, especially if you didn't write the profiles.

Yes, well, I didn't knew about that modular style that you mention. I
supose that the actuall format (or the one that I'm thinking) is not
that flexible with ordering. Anyway, package dependency should not be
that hard, like <depend>bonobo>=0.18</depend> or something.

I want to learn about that modular style in order to know what problems
can arise, and if they are what I'm thinking I know very well the

Felipe Contreras
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