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Adolfo Delorenzo adelorenzo at
Mon Dec 17 12:02:05 PST 2001

In the other hand a download of the packages would be very interesting for 
local network installations. In this case the ftp site should be modified 
to reflect the local server holding the files. All we would need then would 
be a minimal boot disk with nALFS+mk.ext or mkreiserfs app+init scripts.

Sound crazy?

Another idea I had was to include an additional handler that could help 
speed up compiling time called makej6. On multiple cpu machines the command 
make 'package' MAKE="make -j x" (where x is at least 2) distributes the 
make process on both cpus according to the amount especified in x. The 
command make 'package' MAKE="make -j" paralellizes as much compiling as the 
machine supports, but it can kill your machine.

Some packages though do not compile with 'make -j' like bash(!),ncurses, 
groff, so the traditional make has to be kept.

My compile time on a 1GHz-2CPU+256RAM dropped from 1:18 to 0:53 minutes. If 
anyone is interested, please let me know. I am still doing some tests and 
should submit the patch for approval by the end of the week.

BTW, MAKE="make -j 2" works with one-cpu machines too. Haven't tested it 


Adolfo Delorenzo

>> <unpack>
>>     <archive type="local">
>>         /usr/src/packages/ed-0.2.tar.bz2
>>     </archive>
>>     <archive type="remote">
>>     </archive>
>>     <destination>/usr/src</destination>
>> </unpack>
> And where prey tell will it put the package when it's downloaded? 
> What will happen if you have a modem and you lose the connection in the
> middle?
> What would happen if it was too big to download in one go, say the
> kernel, for example, it is very near to my download limit on one
> connection. ( I have 2 hour timeouts on my ISP )
> I don't think that the program should do this on the fly, it would be
> slow and inefficent waiting for packages to download, when they could
> be done in parallel with other builds.
> What would work is for the parser to analyse all the package <archive>
> elements first, compile a wget list and ask you about starting the
> process.
> I also think this fits more with my META ideas, ie. stuff that is not
> really used by the parser, but by the user of the profile for
> reference.  A perl script to create a wget list from the profile would
> be very easy, and alfs  need not be modified and over complicated.
> Make any sense?
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> Paul
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