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Paul Campbell paul at pauls.bsrg.dnsq.org
Mon Dec 17 04:51:51 PST 2001

Felipe Contreras <al593181 at mail.mty.itesm.mx> wrote:
> 3. The information should be divided

I want to apologise for only relpying to one of your points, and in an indirect
way.  It is just something I have noticed would make a good addition to the
ALFS syntax, and it fits with one of your ideas.

Descriptive or meta elements for packages.  These can be optional.  Like:

		<decription>This an example decription</descrtiption>
			Example: there is a possiblity to compile foo before this and
			gain bar support.

It was the transforming to HTML that gave me the idea.  Never mind transforming
to HTML, I have realised that ALFS can be trandformed to bash just as easily,
if not more easily.  The download URLs could be parsed out and sorted into a
wget script, launched in the background etc.

Having meta stuff would make the syntax more portable, and leave some
information about what is what and what it needs, or does.

Another little idea that I haven't dreamed of the details on, is package
dependancy IDs.  If one package can depand on another, then it gets a higher
ID than that package.  XSLT can then be used to sort a profile after it has 
been pieced together in the now modular style.  One thing that will cause a 
problem now that we have seperate packages in seperate files, is getting them 
in the right order, especially if you didn't write the profiles.


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