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Paul Campbell paul at
Sun Dec 16 08:07:31 PST 2001

Chris Lynn <roryo at> wrote:
> New syntax? Great! Mine are (unfortunatly) based on the old syntax, simply
> b/c i havent had a chance to play with the new as yet... Well this is a Good
> Thing(tm) then, when you have finished yours, the ALFS users can choose
> between the old and new syntax, and lets face it, building the base LFS will
> stress the syntax to its limits and beyond.

It's finished, and I've uploaded it to:

It works, and boots, and I followed the LFS-Changelog and book as closely as 
possible.  Although I think Neven has one anyway.

> <!ENTITY glibc SYSTEM "chapter6/glibc.xml">

> and then after just a simple

> &glibc;

Yep.  I was going to add another level of sections, like the LFS chapters, but
it doesn't work, I mean there are gfx libs before X, after X, before KDE/Gnome,
after KDE gnome.  and so on.  So just a long list like:

&openssh; and so on.

> As for having the 'bits' all over the place i've been there b4, but I have
> been running a local CVS for a while now, and it makes my life a lot easier,
> if your not currently running a CVS, i would strongly suggest doing so, for
> things like profiles - its _perfect_.

I have been getting more prolific of late, and my devel dirs are in a total
mess.  I think I need to start looking into the ways of keeping versions from
getting intermixed and all confused.  It's a nightmare sometimes.  Take my
profiles directory on my webserver.  If anyones been that way they will know
just how much of a mess it really is.  ( I've tidied up, for your info )

So please, plesae give me a little more info, on CVS and what's involved etc.

>> I'll let you know when it's finished.

mother is dead. " Long live!" bsrg-wrk3.1.xml is born.  Stands for 
(Bingham Street Research Group - Workstation (based on LFS-3.1) )
  ^^ This is not a serious org. hehe

I have a few probs that I just discovered.  See my other posts for info.  I am
also adding gnome (basics), mozilla and a few other apps etc.  
I also need a new hard-disk, as I offically have no room to build mozilla
again. Booo Hoooo......:(  So it may be a few weeks yet.

You can "see" what it is and does here: (as of 3:41pm Dec 15 )
I'll upload it to \/  as well.

Test..g Te.ting One Two Th..e
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