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Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Fri Dec 14 14:29:15 PST 2001

> If the people who persist in mailing the list continue, can
> you block them at the server, or send a nice reply rejecting
> their mail. I know it's a bit OTT, but may be they will get
> the message.

I myself do not administrate that, but I think that that wouldn't really
be possible.  I think then you'd actually have to go to the bother of
rejecting that particular sender, which you don't want to do, cuase
maybe someday they have something good to say.

> PS how are things progressing anyway?

Very slowly on my part!  I've noticed others are contributing alot
though  :)

> I'm still knocking
> together the documentation I was talking about, and reading
> up on the coolness of XSLT with Java.

As far as a DTD goes I look at it this way:  An XML document doesn't
specificaly need a DTD to be well formed, so in the case of alfs it's
not strictly neccesary.  However there are a couple thoughts I had.
One, a DTD is neccesary for at least some browsers to be able to display
a nice formatted XML tree (IE 5.5, 6.0, Not sure about Mozilla needing
this)  The other thing is that it's at least romanticly correct to have
a dtd as then the xml document can be properly validated.  In this
instance I was thinking of the day when U could feed in an alfs profile
to the validator @ the w3c (or have our own) which would check the
syntax against the given DTD and everything of the profile.  I haven't
done much reading into the XSLT side of things but my guess is that the
DTD is used quite heavily there

> I ask because my Linux box is down, I had to poach the memory
> for another machine, so I haven't had a look at the code and
> XML src for about 3 weeks now.

one req thou, can you make your virus propogation
utility...err...lookout Ex...err...Outlook Express do plain text
messages.  Some people might have trouble reading them.




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