aLFS-3.1 profiles

Chris Lynn roryo at
Tue Dec 11 20:05:01 PST 2001

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 01:39:01PM +0000, Paul Campbell wrote:
> Yep.  Cool.  I have one that is tested with nALFS, new sytax and split as 3,0
> was, just out of interest.

New syntax? Great! Mine are (unfortunatly) based on the old syntax, simply
b/c i havent had a chance to play with the new as yet... Well this is a Good
Thing(tm) then, when you have finished yours, the ALFS users can choose
between the old and new syntax, and lets face it, building the base LFS will
stress the syntax to its limits and beyond.

> Chris, you stole my fire. *g*

Hehe  ;-)

> I have also converted mother.xml to the new syntax and split it up (properly),
> it will be a little while yet, it in about 45 pieces all over my HD at the mo.

Split the profile how? I used the following...

<!ENTITY glibc SYSTEM "chapter6/glibc.xml">

and then after just a simple


As for having the 'bits' all over the place i've been there b4, but I have
been running a local CVS for a while now, and it makes my life a lot easier,
if your not currently running a CVS, i would strongly suggest doing so, for
things like profiles - its _perfect_.

> I'll let you know when it's finished.

Can't wait  :)

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