After LFS

Naitik Shah naitik at
Sun Dec 9 01:20:58 PST 2001

A few questions,

1. How do I get KDE to recognise my Windows Key, and get the popup menu to 
popup with the right click key.

2. Any options to improve X's performance after compiling. Like options in 
the XF86Config, or something similar.

3. Anyone know if its possible to create scripts that run when I shut the lid 
of my laptop, press the power button, press the suspend button etc.

4. Is it possible to get kde to work with ACPI, cause unless I have APM 
compiled in, the battery monitor wont work, and I cant suspend my computer.

5. Is there a tool that will let me put my laptop to zero power usage, 
something like hibernate in windows.


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