XSLT to convert from V-1.0 --> V-2.0

Paul Campbell paul at pauls.bsrg.dnsq.org
Wed Dec 5 07:02:21 PST 2001

Erm.  It appears to work.  I have succesfully converted two profiles to what 
appears to be the new Syntax.  The latest version of nALFS parses and runs the 
scripts, although I have not performed a build yet.

I will upload everything to the URL below.  If you want I will convert your
profiles, if you mail them to me.  I may even make a CGI version for you.

Otherwise you can download Xalan from www.apache.org and convert them yourself
using the XSLT style sheet at the URL below.

This stylesheet method is NOT garenteed to work perfectly, there are a few
issues and if you have strayed from the syntax even a little your elements may
not be output at all.  It *WILL* save us all many many hours work, and I hope
you enjoy it.


For those of you using my home URL of http://www.bsrg.dnsalias.org , please be
aware, even though it is more upto date, it is not online 24 hours a day.

PS:  The next project is to convert between nALFS V2 and Bash. *g*

PSS: If you have partially updated your files, this sytle sheet may fail.
Sorry.  It's all or nothing.  Elements that don't match the templates are NOT
output into the result.  All elements are silenced until matched.


Test..g Te.ting One Two Th..e
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