Thomas -Balu- Walter tw at itreff.de
Fri Aug 31 03:11:32 PDT 2001

+-SirKnight-(sirknight at ntur.net)-[31.08.01 03:36]:
> I have received the "unsubscribed successfully" message several times
> from this list and all the other LFS lists.  I have to try 20 times of
> sending the same message to alfs-discuss-request at linuxfromscratch.org
> before the server actually takes my off.

Are you sure you unsubscribed? (I am not sure if you have to approve
your unsubscription on lfs-lists, but you might figure that out if you
read mails you get from listar closely).

If you _really_ unsubscribed:
Heard of mail-spools lately? If not you might have to learn something. 
What I want to say is that there might be 10-20 (or more) mails in the
mailqueue waiting to be sent to you. That is and can not be switched off
by unsubscribing, since the mails are on the way to you already.

>  If someone doesn't get me
> off this list fast I'm gonna flood the list with complaints.

Yeah, threatening people will get peoples attention.

If you really want to complain, send your message to
<list>-owner at linuxfromscratch.org (replace <list> with the listname)
that should work for all _real_ mailinglist you are subscribed to and is
common usage or gerard at linuxfromscratch.org as listed as contact in
every LFS-version that is online.

BTW - talk to people in a way you want to be talked to. And don't call
yourself SirKnight if you don't know how to behave (read the netiquette
at least).

Unsubscribe: send email to alfs-discuss-request at linuxfromscratch.org
and put unsubscribe in the subject header of the message

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