LFS-3.0-RC1 Profiles

Ian Chilton ian at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Aug 30 09:27:33 PDT 2001


Did you see the post to lfs-discuss about 3.0-rc1?

There has been a _lot_ of changes since 3.0-pre4 and it should be very
close to 3.0-release.

Will you be updating the profiles for nALFS?

I need to re-build 3-4 boxes when 3.0-rc1 comes out, so I am thinking of
giving nALFS a go as I don't have time to do manually or update my own
scripts right now.

But updating your profiles to 3.0-rc1, will probably mean that going to
3.0 will be trivial.



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Hi guys,

After a hard working day yesterday, Mark Hymers and I whipped the book
up in shape. Bugzilla is empty at the moment (bugs regarding the 3.0
release), except for two things.

1) When you look at the bookmarks in the PDF verion of the book, some of
them have a plus next to them indicating there are sub-sections to the
topic (such as the section called "Book Version"). The Appendices
should be set up in the same way. The bookmark "Appendix A. Package 
descriptions" should have a 'plus' next to it. Underneath it should be 
"introduction", "Bash", "Binutils", etc..

2) The cp -f situation needs a resolve.

When these two are dealt with, rc1 is ready for release. It could be
released today if we wanted to, but I'm going to wait a day or two or
three so we can hunt for some grammatical stuff and deal with it too.

When RC1 is out, I'm going to ask all of you to start building LFS
systems to give it a good test. I'll try to build it from 3.0-prex
systems, the last 2.4 system, and try to build lfs-3.0 from an lfs-3.0
system (would be bad if it can't built itself). I'll let you guys build
from distributions as far as you guys still have them.

When we get quite a bit of test results, we'll fix the most grave bugs
and release 3.0 (i'm thinking about two weeks after rc1).

Gerard Beekmans

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