AW: Newbie: A slight shove in the right direction.

Raphael Schmid Raphael.Schmid at
Thu Aug 30 06:19:58 PDT 2001

Hi Paul,

>What I don't understand is how do you get started.  Where can I get the 
>backend and a few profiles that can be useful to help educate a beginner in

>the ways of ALFS.

you might want to have a look at
There you will find Neven Has's implementation of the ALFS idea.

I believe that's the program most ppl use by this point of time...

>I'm looking into learning more XML, but I know enough to read it and get
>understanding of whats going on, I mean most of it is fairly self 
>explanitory.  I just dont know how to tie it all together and automate my 
>third LFS system.

Then, for a starting profile I'd lead you to HiGhOs place, but as his
been cut, use rather this link:

Then, as you're browsing the profile a bit, I'm sure you will quickly get
the hang
on how the XML syntax works. Really not a big deal if you're understanding
HTML concept, which I will just suppose :-)

	RGDS+ESC, Raphael


>Some of you know me from hanging around in the lfs amiling lists and #lfs, 
>but I very curious about this automatred foo.

What's your nickname, actually? :-)
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