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CoreyCox CoreyCox at
Thu Aug 9 19:25:12 PDT 2001

Well, I'm working on a couple of little profiles - and I suddenly 
realized a bit of a snag.  We need to start thinking about versions and 
such.  Heres a little information for the uninitiated:

ALFS most up to date version 0.0.7 (perl - this is a dead end release 
unless someone steps up to     bat _real_ soon)
nALFS current version 010808-fix1???
alfs version sited in profiles 1.0

As you can see we have some issues to resolve here.  Foremost I think 
the syntax and profile versioning needs to be addressed.  Is our current 
syntax going to be 1.1, 2.0 -- or what.  Frankly I think it bears no 
real relationship to th "1.0" syntax and it would be wise to make a 
total break with the past, but calling it 2.0 seems a bit presumptious. 
 Neven, I assume that you just labelled it the way that you did based on 
keeping this straight on your system.  When we gear up to make this a 
little more useful though I think we'll want a little more "standard" 
versioning.  Anyway, my current profiles will be created with the 
current "1.0" designation in the current scheme.  At least that way we 
are consistent...

In case anyone is wondering the profiles I'm working on are really 
simple stuff:

ALFS (installs libraries and perl fronentend and backend on the chrooted 
LFS system just
    made using Jessies 3.0-pre4 profile)
nALFS (pretty much same thing - but for nALFS)
ssh (this will be run after chrooting into the aforementioned ALFS and 
nALFS built systems
    before rebooting - because I like to administer my machines remotely 
right away.)

If anyone already has these done - I'll use yours instead ('cause I'm 
lazy).  But these are really easy profiles so I should have them knocked 
out by the endof this weekend.  btw, while I'm on profiles I'm departing 
from one of our conventions - because I don't hink it provides any real 
benefit.  I am describing the packages strictly within the packages 
(none of the entities at the beginning of the file, well - still keeping 
a few).  You'll have to look at my profiles when there done and tell me 
what you think.

Corey Cox

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