nALFS: New ALFS backend/frontend, all in one

Nicolas Nieswandt webmaster at
Thu Aug 9 03:57:46 PDT 2001

Hi folk,

> It's C, it's ncurses, it's GPL, and it's here:
>    http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/index.html

It's a very nice peace of code.
I build a lfs last night and it worked perfectly.
The UI is easy to use. Very good !

I thought long about things I am missing, so what about ..
.. loging compile time
.. loging installed files
.. loging installed filesize
like in the LFS-cvs-BOOK. But I don't know, whether it should be hard coded
in nALFS or be a part of the profile. What do you think ?

Go on and make more of this,

Nicolas Nieswandt

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