Have some scripts for you

Harald Küller harald.kueller at gmx.de
Wed Aug 8 10:32:31 PDT 2001

Hello to all,

First i have to say much thanks to the people doing linuxfromscratch. I 
used this system to build our own Distribution. Now i read you want
to do the whole work building lfs automatically.
I have had the same Idea any time ago, and do much work for it. But i 
not only make the LFS System, i build from every source i translate a 
The scripts are not all ready, but most of the scrits do their work now. 
You can get the scripts via CVS from:

:pserver:cvs at cvs.tramp-bbs.de:/pub/CVS

the password is cvs

I hope my English is not to bad, so you understand it..:-)) - my nativ 
language is german. So the Documentation in the script is in German --:((

Have a lot of fun
Harald Küller

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