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Fri Aug 3 21:07:08 PDT 2001


Been kinda quiet lately, so it's time we got some more thinggies done.  
Jessee is heading off for a couple of weeks for a break from the keyboard *g* 
so it would be nice if we could have somethings sorted out while he is away...

That will give him a nice new TO-DO list upon his return...

>From the looks of things the Syntax is just about sorted out, kewl! just the 
textdump issue too be resolved.  (Nice solution to the append problem didbaba 
i came across that many times and just wrote me a patch ;-)

So, while HIghoS is away i'll be working on a FAQ - some of which will be 
incorporated into the User Docs - when they are sorted out...  Hanging out on 
#ALFS it has been raised more than once, that there is no *nice* and easy 
tute available for getting ALFS up and running, so that will also be covered.

Now, CALLING all profile writers, if you have profiles tell us about them!  
There are depressingly few out there... So I would suggest just a quick post 
if they are available and a url, or we can try and find some host space for a 
central depository  - i may be able to help out there untill a more perminant 
solution is found.

Okay, enough verbosity, need suggestions for the FAQ...  I'll be posting a 
basic outline a little later today, and guys - Lets have a little noise huh?  

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