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Joao Clemente jpcl at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Sat Apr 28 04:45:32 PDT 2001

This is a little out of context, but you were talking about it, and I hope
that at least you can point me to the right way...

Is there a way to set up in a "normal" system a little particion (say 32Mb
or so, defined somewhere by the user) in Ram, so that one could use it to
speed up development/compilation stuff ?
( Well , I'm also looking for feedback if this is a nonsense or not... a
friend told me that we could maybe get increased speed of some 10x ,
justified by the diferent acess and transfer time of RAM when comparing to
the hard drive.. It made sense, but I'm willing to double check his
opinion )

Anyway, if this is possible, do you think it was possible too to get
everything that was in that RamDisk particion saved to hard disk
automaticaly when umounting the partition? That way , if we forgot that we
were working there and rebooted or shutdown (the normal way , not the
"windows power button press" way) , the work wold be saved, for example in
/tmp/ramdisk_backup, or maybe /tmp/ramdisk_[time]_backup
I believe this wold be possible tweaking some script (wich one?) that wold
do this check on unmount...
like running a service? the S script wold mount , the K script wold check,
save, and umount ?

What do you think ? Thanks

«»«»«»«» Joao Clemente «» jpcl at rnl.ist.utl.pt «»«»«»«»
Well... it's not really a leak, is it?
The memory will be returned when the user reboots ...
«»«»«»«» ( Maybe a known OS philosophy? ) «»«»«»«»

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