hey check out my crappy iso :)

Thomas Krennwallner krennwallner at aon.at
Sat Apr 28 01:00:55 PDT 2001


I d/l the image and tried it. Looks nice. Here are my improvement thoughts:

-) Use a 2.88MB image instead of a 1.44MB. More space == nice ;-)
   (more space == more kernel mods in initrd ;-)
   But isolinux make even this unnecessary. But we should keep in mind, that
   some boxes doesn't have support for booting from cdrom -> 1.44 is there a
-) Only IDE CD-ROMS are supported. This could be fixed with some sort
   of automatic hardware detection (linuxrc). These also leads into more
   space in initrd (no need for mount/umount/cat/...).
-) I don't like all those tgz. Easier in terms of creating the cd-image is
   mentioned in my previous mails (overmounting).

So long

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