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On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 08:34:27AM +0000, the boisterous Bryan Dumm <bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com> wrote:
> Great. Can I see it? 

No, not yet. It's still proprietary source, but I'm looking forward that I
can release it under GPL until june (or I'll re-hack it, it's not that big
[say 1500 lines], cause libdetect does lot of work).

> atm we have something that is working for ide cdroms 
> with scsi here soon. But the better built linuxrc's are 
> of interest..... 

this will be detected (and kernelmods automatically inserted):
ide, scsi, serial, sound, parport, ethernet

for our linuxrc, its interesting to get usb and pcmcia up (still not that hard).

I'm looking forward to see my laptop booting from my pcmcia cdrom or an
usb-storage device.

> if we could get a nice automatic ramdisk creation with
> say automatic bootcd creation from your new LFS root,
> that would be awesome, imho... I think the bootcd creation
> part would be easy, after the ramdisk creation......

it's easy, but wait until june for the hacked bootscripts

> Great. I'll send you my ramdisk questions then ;)

do it, all I can do right now is answering questions

> couple of ready apps? What types of things? /me curious.

XF86, Linux-PAM and other apps (spec files are here).

> Sounds great, always looking for more people to help with development.
> I expect we will see alot more code this next year, as I think we have a 
> fairly good foundation laid with LFS, XML and the ALFS codebase we 
> have created so far.... 

Gimme C and python ;-)

so long

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