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Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Thu Apr 26 01:34:27 PDT 2001

> I have a perfect automatic bootimage for this stuff:
> -) syslinux (should be isolinux in future)
> -) initrd.gz
> -) kernel
> -) exec linuxrc
>    selfmade c proggie
>    does automatic hardware detection thru mandrake's libdetect
>    searches cdrom-drive and setup /proc/sys/kernel/real-root-dev
>    exit
> -) exec /sbin/init on cdrom
>    bootscripts with automatic ramdisk creation for variable dirs
> -) installer || login

Great. Can I see it? 

atm we have something that is working for ide cdroms 
with scsi here soon. But the better built linuxrc's are 
of interest..... 

if we could get a nice automatic ramdisk creation with
say automatic bootcd creation from your new LFS root,
that would be awesome, imho... I think the bootcd creation
part would be easy, after the ramdisk creation......

> Still your man ;-)

Great. I'll send you my ramdisk questions then ;)

> > btw you hit the deb<->xml<->rpm thing just perfect
> > imho... it's still being refined/discussed, but it seems
> > to be the right path...
> Yes, I always had the problem to create a proper "layout" for automatic
> installation and automatic bootcd creation and such stuff, but xml is
> IMHO the best way.

Yea it's great stuff, we don't have to the development on it either. 
But we can benefit from that development :)

> From June this year 'til June next year I've to go to "community service"
> (aka "Zivildienst" for german-speaking beings here). So I've to quit my job
> and have more time to do some oss stuff. So during June this year, I can
> start to hack some nifty boot images and initrd for alfs. I also got a
> couple of ready apps for alfs, so wait until June.

couple of ready apps? What types of things? /me curious.

Sounds great, always looking for more people to help with development.

I expect we will see alot more code this next year, as I think we have a 
fairly good foundation laid with LFS, XML and the ALFS codebase we 
have created so far.... 

> BTW, I'm now on all alfs mailing lists so you can post to alfs-discuss from
> now on.


> And can someone tell me something about myos.linuxfromscratch.org?

that is rapha and crew. They would know the details. I dunno much more 
than what's on the page....


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