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  Subject: Transferring LFS from /dev/hda3 -> /dev/hda1 ?

  Hi all,
          I have recently set up my first LFS system after having played
around with several different 'off the shelf' distributions.
  Having got it set up and running beautifully I would like to run it on
another computer as well as the original one I installed it on but have
encountered problems.

  Here is what I tried.............

  First I 'tarred' each directory on the original LFS system individually,
so I had usr.tar, bin.tar, etc.tar and of course the others.
  I then moved these 'tar' files to the 'other' computer which has an ext2
file system ready and waiting.
  I untar the files successfully to leave me with an LFS system on the new
  After having run 'lilo' the new LFS system 'boots' up but I get

  The original LFS system was hand built on /dev/hda3 with a swap partition
on /dev/hda4, however the destination system has an ext2 partition on
/dev/hda1 and a swap partition on /dev/hda2 - I'm wondering if this is why I
am getting errors even though I have adjusted the settings in '/etc/mtab',
'/etc/lilo.conf' and '/etc/fstab' to reflect the changed root and swap

  Anyway the most obvious errors I get are the Kernel is unable to mount
/proc and whenever 'mount' is executed from one of the startup scripts an
'illegal instruction' error is reported.
  If I start the system in 'single user' mode it does respond to commands,
ie I can get a directory listing, but once again if I try to 'mount' a
filesystem manually I get the 'Illegal Instruction' error.

  Any ideas ?

  Thankyou for your time


  England UK

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