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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Tue Apr 10 17:48:57 PDT 2001


On Tue, Apr 10, 2001 at 06:56:59PM -0400, Jason Gurtz wrote:
> 	I'd like to see an INSTALL and/or README included in the package.  Shall I
> post either one of them for inclusion?  In particular, I stumbled, untill
> HIghoS pointed out that i needed to perl mf && mv mf Makefile.PL && make &&
> make install.

Well the tarball is an unofficial release, heck that code isn't even in
CVS yet :)

Id like to see this get put in CVS before we start developing this
tarball more..

> 	K, so anyways, ran accross some things with the chapt9 profile.  I hadn't
> DL'ed the netkit- base, so correctly, it stopped, and asked retry, continue,
> shell, or abort.  I wanted to shell, but after choosing, it just errors
> again without giving the subshell.

This is a well known bug that David hasn't gotten around to fixing yet,
IIRC (well only for the new fe/be not for the code in CVS)

> The backend quits with no output (that I can see)  Is the BE supposed to
> quit as well as the FE?

nope, FE can quit and the BE will still run.

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