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Jason Gurtz jason at
Tue Apr 10 15:56:59 PDT 2001


	k, just been testing the ALFS-0.0.5.tar.bz2 package a bit. over Mon., and
Tues.  Thought I'd share a bit.
	I'd like to see an INSTALL and/or README included in the package.  Shall I
post either one of them for inclusion?  In particular, I stumbled, untill
HIghoS pointed out that i needed to perl mf && mv mf Makefile.PL && make &&
make install.  also a question: if one want's to introduce flags to make,
such as -j3 in the case of dual processor, whould one add it like so in (line 14)?

        my $command = $self->fix_text || "make -j3";

or better to set an entity and write that into the profile?  As long as it
doesn't have to be changed for every pkg.  ;)

	K, so anyways, ran accross some things with the chapt9 profile.  I hadn't
DL'ed the netkit- base, so correctly, it stopped, and asked retry, continue,
shell, or abort.  I wanted to shell, but after choosing, it just errors
again without giving the subshell.

<frontend view>
Choose: 3
14:50:41 ID: 5 ============= Error =====================
Text    : Unable to unpack /lfs/usr/src/2.4.4/netkit-base-0.17.tar.gz

<backend view>

rosmarinus:/lfs/ALFS-0.0.5# ./backend
Backend started on rosmarinus ( on port 5656
MSG: ALFS::Message=HASH(0x83b1058)
MSG: ALFS::Message=HASH(0x8484364)
MSG: ALFS::Message=HASH(0x8487628)
MSG: ALFS::Message=HASH(0x848d420)
MSG: ALFS::Message=HASH(0x8490f8c)

the messages are successive tries by me at a shell  ;)

k, so what of an abort? well, it aborts , but outputs an error (prolly a
simple config prob.)

<frontend view>
Choose: 4
Can't call method "eltid" without a package or object reference at
./frontend line 114, <GEN1> line 8.

The backend quits with no output (that I can see)  Is the BE supposed to
quit as well as the FE?

That's it, cheers!


| Jason at |

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