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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Oct 7 12:37:47 PDT 2000

> > Yeah, you're right. Version 1 of the standard shouldn't include loops. If
> > we see the need later, we can always add them in. Maybe sometime we'll
> > all jump up from our chairs, screaming: "WE NEED LOOPS!!!"
> Right, Anyone else have anything to add/say? now would be the time...
> (well give it a few days, i know Gerard loves his WE :)

I think loops need to be supported yes. Just look at the Simon's example 

I have these files:


I want to untar all of them one by one, until I come across one that
matches the pattern *c*. Then, I want to stop untarring them. (stupid
scenario, but if you should be able to do this sort of thing in a profile

Right now I have no answer on how to do this. Perhaps a loop is inevitable.

<loop dir="/usr/man/man1" start-pattern="a*" end-pattern="c*" var="file">

This above would seem the only logical thing to do then. Provide a start 
pattern and end pattern to go through your 'a b c d e f g' list and stop when 
'c' has been processed. But there are a lot of different kind of loops for 
different situations. Especially, as we all must agree on, when we don't know 
the filenames we can't simply put a lot of redundant lines in a profile and 
wildcards must be used then. Perhaps we should keep the command real generic 

<loop command="gzip" pattern="*.tar.gz" />

<loop command="gzip" start-pattern="a*.tar.gz" end-pattern="c*.tar.gz" />

<loop command="bzip2 pattern="a*.tar.bz2 b*.tar.bz2 d*.tar.bz2 z*.bz2" />

And of course the DTD will have rules that if you have start-pattern and 
end-pattern you can't have pattern. And the other way around (if you have 
pattern you can't have start-pattern and end-pattern).

But I also agree that we shouldn't need to worry about this quite yet. But we 
should agree on whether we want loops or not. I think we should.

Gerard Beekmans

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