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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Fri Oct 6 21:05:58 PDT 2000

> Hrm, interesting scenario, i just don't see the profile as a scripting
> language (which is one way someone could look at it, which is wrong,
> imho)

Right, I didn't think about this issue. I agree that a profile shouldn't
be a script.

> Can you give me a package/real-world situation where we would need this?

Hum. Can't think of any, nope. Maybe the installation of the manpages, but
I wouldn't be sure.

> I would like to ditch the hole loop idea for now, as the first profile
> will be LFS and it doesn't need it (first time around it's only proof of
> concept anyways, lots of things to work out), allthough keep it on the
> TODO for further discussion and looking into.

Yeah, you're right. Version 1 of the standard shouldn't include loops. If
we see the need later, we can always add them in. Maybe sometime we'll all
jump up from our chairs, screaming: "WE NEED LOOPS!!!"

...Fruit Loops. dammit, I had to say it. :)

-- Support your government, give Echelon / Carnivore something to parse --
classfield  top-secret government  restricted data information project CIA
KGB GRU DISA  DoD  defense  systems  military  systems spy steal terrorist
Allah Natasha  Gregori destroy destruct attack  democracy will send Russia
bank system compromise international  own  rule the world ATSC RTEM warmod
ATMD force power enforce  sensitive  directorate  TSP NSTD ORD DD2-N AMTAS
STRAP warrior-T presidental  elections  policital foreign embassy takeover

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