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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Fri Oct 6 20:45:32 PDT 2000

Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:

> Huh?!? Elaborate...

I have these files:


I want to untar all of them one by one, until I come across one that
matches the pattern *c*. Then, I want to stop untarring them. (stupid
scenario, but if you should be able to do this sort of thing in a profile)

> (note: pulling tags out of my ass)

Exactly. I was not suggesting tags, only showing concepts. I would advise
against using these tags.

> <untar type="gz" location="/mnt/blah" pattern="*qer.tar.gz" />

You will see that this doesn't correspond to the situation. The situation
described really needs a loop.

> Maybe, i'm reading what you have wrong there (allthough if am, then
> there's no way in hell we should use it, remenber you want to be able to
> _read_ a profile, not be a rocket scientist)

It will be readable, trust me. It won't look like I wrote earlier, I was
pulling tags out of my ass (ouch!).

> PS. and yes, the syntax sucks, and there's an even better way..but just
> howing....

Anyway, we're just discussing the conceptual use of loops in an LFS
profile, not proposing tags to do the job. This will/will not come later.

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