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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Fri Oct 6 20:38:04 PDT 2000


On Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 12:05:58AM -0400, Simon Perreault wrote:
> Hum. Can't think of any, nope. Maybe the installation of the manpages, but
> I wouldn't be sure.

I would almost feel more safe using a patch... allthough even then, grrr

> Yeah, you're right. Version 1 of the standard shouldn't include loops. If
> we see the need later, we can always add them in. Maybe sometime we'll all
> jump up from our chairs, screaming: "WE NEED LOOPS!!!"

Right, Anyone else have anything to add/say? now would be the time...
(well give it a few days, i know Gerard loves his WE :)

> ...Fruit Loops. dammit, I had to say it. :)


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          minutes ago stating (I'm too lame to make a quit message).

Dude, stop by more often =)

PS. btw, thx for your help... makes a big-diff ;)

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