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Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Fri Oct 6 02:20:29 PDT 2000

> <loop /* I'd like to see a tag named loop */
> type="reiterate|variable|reiteratevariable"
>         /* What these types mean:
>         reiterate: do the loop n times, no need for a variable (like a basic
> while loop)
>         variable: do the loop 1 time for each variable (like a for loop)
>         reiteratevariable: do the loop n times for each variable (combo) */
> iterations="n"
>         /* Conditional (ie. required if you specified a 'reiterate' type). To be
> used with reiterate-type loops */
> variable="var1,var2,var3"
>         /* Conditional. These are the possible values for the variable, not the
> name of the variable. The name of the variable is a predefined static one,
> but the data is changed every n iterations. Please note that I've used
> comas to separate variables, not spaces. I think this is more *ML
> standard. */

/* I like that one, but I think a variable name should be supported,
perhaps optional, with a default to the predefined one, like this: */
/* This makes things more readable if someone wants to use nested loops

/* I like your way of doing the loop especially because it is easily
in later versions, for example we cound put a type="conditional" in it, 
should the need arise, without breaking style or compatibility */

> >commands</loop>

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