Eric A. Ayer mwalker at ee.pdx.edu
Thu Oct 5 11:00:14 PDT 2000

> Yo,

Yo yourself :)

> Ohuh.. i knew i should have read this O'Reilly XML Pocket Reference when
> i first picked it up.
> Anyways, only read the first couple of pages but i think a few ppl would
> find some of this stuff interesting...
> <quoted>
> Put, succintly, XML is a meta-language that allwos you to create anf
> format your own document markups.  With HTML, existing markup is static:
> <HEAD> and <BODY>, for example, are tighly integrated into the HTNL
> standard and cannot be changed or extended.  XML, on the other hand,
> allows you to create your own markup tags and configure each to your
> liking: for example, <HeadingA>, <Sidebar>, <Quote> or <ReallyWildFont>.
> Each of these elements can be defined though your own document type
> definitions and stylesheets and applied to one or more XML documents.
> Thus, it is important to realize that there are no "correct" tags for an
> XML document, except those you define yourself.
> </quoted>
> So... perhaps we are going about this all wrong (i remenber Bryan
> mentioning DTD (Document Type Definitions) to Gerard the other day)

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "the worng way?"  My opinion is
that the definitions of tags should not be defined prior to the program being
written, but should be available to change and create new.  It is quite
possible that this is what everyone else is thinking too, and I have mis-
interpreted.  I think, however, that the effort right now is in defining all
of the tags.

> Would bring and interesting swing, Eh?
> Few other things to note;
> <Picture src="blueball.gif" />
> <Picture src="blueball.gif"></Picture>
> Are the same..
> An element must _always_ have a single or double quotation marks when it
> comes to elements (aka <Picture src=blueball.gif /> is EVIL! and
> <Picture src="blueball.gif" /> is g00d)
> <quoted>
> Document Type Definition
>     This file specifies rules for how the XML document elements,
>     attributes, and other data are defined and logically related in an
>     XML-compliat document.
> </quoted>
> *whitles* Does anyone notice what i'm trying to say?

Not sure, but my current efforts are toward using DTDs (to the best of my VERY
limited undersatanding of them), in conjunction with profiles to define tags.


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