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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Wed Oct 4 18:32:31 PDT 2000

This is very acceptable. It's come a long way from the beta profile. I
won't have to write a lenghty analysis like I did (yay!). Good job

> <!ENTITY drive "/dev/hda">
> <!ENTITY LFS "/mnt/lfs">

Ah, that explains how we do variables. I like.

>         <FormatPartition>&partition;</FormatPartition>
>         <MountPartition device="&partition;">&LFS;</MountPartition>

I don't like long tags like this. Let's use tags like unix commands
(think of the "w" command. What does it stand for anyway?).

> <CreateDirs>

Do we need a tag such as this? Can't we simply use tags like <section
name="CreateDirs"></section> for things like this? How will this tag be
used? If it will only be parsed so that the backend knows what command
goes in what section, using specific tags like <CreateDirs> forbids a
profile writer from creating sections.

>         <cd>$LFS</cd>

Do you really mean $LFS, or &LFS; ?

>         <for var="dirname">$LFS/usr $LFS/usr/local>

Typo here.

>                 <do>
>                         <mkdir>$dirname</mkdir>
>                         <cd>$dirname</cd>

The backend will need to parse those $dirname, right? No use of XML
here, right?

>                         <ln type="symbolic">share/man man</ln>

I'd still prefer <ln type="symbolic" source="share/man">man</ln>. Easier
to parse.

>                         <ln type="symbolic">share/doc doc</ln>
>                         <cd>$dirname/share</cd>
>                         <mkdir>dict doc info locale man nls misc terminfo
>                                 zoneinfo</mkdir>

So we'll take it for granted that we use shell command names for tags
such as those, right?

>                 </do>
>         </for>

I don't really know why, but I don't like this loop. Maybe it's
too shell-like. Does it fit our needs? Would there be an easier/better
way to do it?

>         <mkdir>lock log mail run spool tmp

Typo here.

Overall: me likes! Keep up the good work!

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