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Eric A. Ayer mwalker at
Tue Oct 3 00:45:18 PDT 2000

> I'm in the same boat more or less. I do have quite a bit of experience with 
> SGML since the book is written using the docbook dtd but there are some 
> fundemental differences between sgml and xml. I'm going to buy a book or two 
> on XML design soon (hopefully next week).
> -- 
> Gerard Beekmans

The book I have is "XML By Example" by this dude named Benoit Marchal.  It's
pretty good, except that in chapter 3, which is DTD, there are some things that
don't make sense, at least not yet.  If I had a second book, I could probably
cross reference stuff, but maybe the XML web site has something...


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