Profile design

Eric A. Ayer mwalker at
Mon Oct 2 10:54:32 PDT 2000

> I'd say stick around and wait till we catch up. We're not as far as you are 
> right now.

Damnit! :)

> Also the profile won't be put together as you have done it or 
> plan. I don't want to make it too complicated yet since that's not the point: 
> the point right now is to define the tags, allowed attributes and entities 
> (=variables) so it can be documented on alfs-docs.

Actually, I haven't put together any profiles at all.  I am trying to develop
a system by which profiles are specified with DTDs, as well as some other
files, so that they can easily be modified or created.

Since my knowledge of XML is extremely thin (reading a book on it, and just
got into chapter 3), I have to ask questions about things work before
designing a system to use XML.  I often end up just sitting and thinking about
how something should work for periods of time.  Usually I get some idea.


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