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Andre Pang wrote:
> hi guys,
> i've been on the alfs mailing lists as a lurker for a while, and i wrote an
> article recently about the linux package management situation which i gather
> most of you will find interesting:
> i'm working on a thesis about how to 'solve' the situation right now, so i
> guess it's time for me to stop being a lurker and be a bit more pro-active.
> anyway, flame away!
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wanted to poste the following as comment to your article but it doesnt seem to work so I'm dooing it here
Jes it is a nice idea to have somethin easing the install but
there is a bigger problem behind the install thing than the
Packageformat itselfe:
It the libraty lemma which i especially encountered
on SuSE but think many others do have:
If you have set up a distrubution from new version nearly every program you install works fine if you have installed 
caompatibility libs where availiable too.
But oif your systemis older than two minor versions than
thereare packages needeing newer versions of libraries
which get you into the following Problem:
- installing them via packagers over the old one break the programs relying on the old version
- keeping the old version would make the programe you need and desire to refuse
so what is the solution to it:
* getting the sources and making the ne version by hand
far awy from the old one
* extracting all the necessary files from the package manually and puting them where they should be without removing the old
so to me first of all the question arises:
are there any efforts on finding a way to keeping the number of installed lib version as low as possible by preventing programs relying on the old ones breaking on the new ones
eg: a small interface framing the old interface of the library onto the newer version of the library;
this would make the actual library look like the old version needed by programs beeing in use for a long time
In this case there then should be flib frame database to so that only frames get deleted no program is relying onto anymore and the frame should be setup again if an old library is installed over a new one instead of removing the old one ..
eg: any other way to be able to be upt to date concerning libs and utilities without breaking programs needing the older versions
might be one of you could add it to the comments concerning your article i can't :(


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