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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Nov 18 20:02:18 PST 2000

> As he finished the first part of the profile and i did the rest, i
> when't line by and line and made sure the identing was all the same (aka
> 4 space tab stops) which is fine, but Gerard double checked the profile
> (and fixed what i missed :) and used a standard tab (like an actually
> tab, not 4 char space's) that's why identing is messed up :)
> On of us will be fixing up the other issues we have (some that Bryan has
> mentioned as he's working on the compiler right now, in his precious
> free time :) and when LFS-2.4.3 is out and finished.

I've already schedules that task. Instead of using tabs I'll use regular
spaces. That way it doesn't matter anymore what kind of tabstop is used.
I also use a 4 space tab stop because it reads better when programming
(with default 8 chars indenting becomes quit limited if you have a few
nested loops).

Gerard Beekmans

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