It's me again.. Sorry..

Eric A. Ayer mwalker at
Sun Nov 5 13:43:07 PST 2000

> Hi,
> 	I am very sorry to bother everyone again, but I need a little bit of
> insight and help.  I have been able to get in, and work in the lfsboot
> system, but I have two, rather bad, problems.  The first is I can not figure
> out how to update the lilo on the disk to have a delay long enough to let me
> pass parameters to the kernel.. There is no lilo.conf on the boot disk that
> I can update the disk with.  Another alternative would be a 2.4 test kernel,
> but I do not have a working system to make one, and install it onto the
> disk.. Also, the boot disk system will not have the /dev/hde and /dev/hdf
> files that are needed once I am able to recognize the hard drive conroller..
> Does anyone know how to get those installed on the disk when all I have is
> the disk system it's self?
> 	Please help, I know I am probably getting very annoying to everyone, but I
> would really greatly appreciate the help..

To get a longer delay on lilo, just change (or create if not there) the entry
for 'timeout' in lilo.conf.  It will look like:

....bunch o' stuff
....more stuff

bunck o' stuff

The timeout is in 10ths of a second, so the about is 5 seconds.  You will need
to change that value and rerun lilo on the kernel disk.  I would suggest a
value like 200, for 20 seconds.


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