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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jun 25 14:03:57 PDT 2000

<cut cd stuff>

We have to start somewhere with designing yes and I think it's best,
easiest and not to mention cheapest to start with a harddisk based
install. That way you don't have to burn a new CD every time you make
some change. Harddisk based install is also faster and will speed up

I have more or less decided to go with Bryan Dumm's way (the profiles).
The tool is just a framework that by itself doesn't do all that much.
The driving force behind the tool is a profile you load into it. The
profile determines what the tool does and how it is going to do it.

> Should we implement LSB in this?  I really like the idea of a standard base,
> and I see why it is needed (badly).  However, I don't want to create a
> standard base that is designed purely for one set of vendors, namely, the
> database vendors.  If the standard base is created, it should provide a common
> system that can be used for many applications, providing a stable environment
> for all of them.  Now the DB guys aren't going to like that statement, but just
> keep in mind that, if LSB promotes a system that runs DB and nothing else,
> nobody's going to use it.

An LSB system will just be one of those profiles you can select. Load
LSB profile and the tool will setup your LFS system according to LSB


Gerard Beekmans

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