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KL Davis info at
Sat Jun 24 08:26:16 PDT 2000

I may have came into this a little late
and probably jumped the gun, but...

I do a  lot of work with bootable and
"live" CDs, so this really only took a
couple of hours to finish up. I have a
Bootable/Live CD setup with the

ElTorito Standard (2.8 image)
SysLinux boot (using the
safe/slow/stupid it boots in nearly all
X-Windows (SVGA or VGA16 Server) with a
stripped down FVWM
The LFS book and other HTML docs (HOWTOs
etc) for instructions
Lynx to see those
A directory of alternate boot images to
make floppies if needed
The current* source code to build LFS
and some other things...
*current as of 12:30:00 EST, 24 Jun
00... : )

I will sit down this afternoon and use
it to build LFS on a bare drive
and see how it works.  Also, will check
network and PPP support
works OK.

Like I said, I know this jumping the gun
and will stop any further work
on the disk unless it seems like a good
idea?  And anyway who wants to
take a look is welcome...

        Kino L. Davis                    n,
LycanthroLabs - Linux Solutions        _/ | _
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