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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Jun 23 12:27:14 PDT 2000

The cd specific converstation is too limited a scope I just realized
(thanks to Bryan). Perhaps it's a wiser idea to start discussing the
framework of the tool first and deal with the distribution mediums
later. Bryan and I have been talking about profiles and I believe it's
a good idea to use that (see Bryan's email for more information).

We would limit ourselves a lot if we would only support installation
from a cd. It's better to leave that to be a choice. Look at
distribution's methods. You can select to install from cd, ftp,
harddisk, NFS and possible other ways.

The tool is going to be flexible and the idea of having installation
profiles is a good idea. You start the tool and select your profile.
This profile determines exactly how the installation should proceed and
users can create their own custom profiles of course.

I've stated earlier that the tool should be highly flexible. This means
that most of the installation stuff will be determined by a profile. Now
the question remains what should be part of a profile and what
shouldn't. There will always be a few things that can't be changed. So
what's static and what's going to be dynamic (all dynamic stuff will be
in a selected profile). Things like how to unpack a package could be a
static thing. To unpack a .tar.gz archive you don't use the cp, mv and
ls programs. You use gunzip and tar.

As of yet I don't have a clear picture how this tool is going to work.
Perhaps, when we're doing discussing these important things before we
can actually code anything, we should follow a top-down method? That
means let's first get something going here. You start the tool and
what's the first thing that should happen? I'd say have it load a
profile first before it does anything else. This profile could determine
what other questions are asked (if it's a fully automated profile no
more questions should be asked. It would be a matter of starting the
tool, select profile and read your newspaper).

Are there any other important things we need to discuss before we can
start developing (I know a lot of people are very eager to start coding
and I dont' want to wait too long and waste time with discussing things
too much which could wait till later).

Gerard Beekmans

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