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Avery Fay afay at
Fri Jun 23 09:52:21 PDT 2000

>We would limit ourselves a lot if we would only support installation
>from a cd. It's better to leave that to be a choice. Look at
>distribution's methods. You can select to install from cd, ftp,
>harddisk, NFS and possible other ways.

I like variety in installation methods. One thing that I would like to 
see in ALFS that doesn't happen in most distros is the ability to set 
up a ppp connect and use ftp. Some people say, "Who wants to download 
200 megs of files on a modem?" but I have 2 lines, one with a modem 
connected full time so I don't really mind. FreeBSD supports ftp using 
a ppp link, if someone wants to look at an example.

I'm a little confused about the profiles too. I understand the basic 
idea and I can see loading prebuilt profiles from the cd or over the 
network but how would someone make their own. Isn't a profile supposed 
to determine the process and what choices you will have later on in the 
installation? Wouldn't the act of creating your own profile take longer 
than just going through *every* choice? I guess I can see its purpose 
on the large scale (ie installing the same basic system on 10 or so 

Avery Fay

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