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Avery Fay afay at pop.ma.ultranet.com
Thu Jun 22 13:05:29 PDT 2000

>So for now I only want to discuss the cdrom itself. It won't take 
>at all (probably a day or two or three). I just want to hear options 
>to setup the starting system. Let the starting system be static so we
>don't have to actually compile programs static per chapter 5 
>the LFS system". We can copy the files and then enter the chroot
>environment and start compiling.

Hmm. Is it really necessary to enter the chrooted environment? I 
thought the idea was to boot from the CD and basically start installing 
on to a clean partition as opposed to installing onto a partition 
mounted in another linux system (which would require chroot).

As for the CD issue, I think that the base programs should be compiled 
statically. Linking dynamically would just add time to the project 
(figuring out which libraries are needed) and aren't most people going 
to recompile those programs anyway?

I think a boot diskette would be nice and I'm guessing it wouldn't be 
very much work at all. Just throw all of the cdrom drivers you can fit, 
lilo, and a kernel on, maybe a few basic programs (mount, cp, and such) 
and you've got a running system. All of the development programs (and 
other basic programs) could be copied from the cd after it is mounted.

I have a few more suggestions but none relevant to cdroms so I'll save 
them for later.

Avery Fay

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