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Thu Jun 15 18:32:00 PDT 2000


> Then the GUI job will be yours since you're the only one I know of who
> can program a GUI (and the only one who has offered to do so).
> Expect a lot of comments from me though (I'm rather picky when it comes
> to GUI's) but I promise I won't critize your work till you drop dead or
> so ;)

What!? what!? nono you have it all wrong! :P

I _like_ comments, i _like_ to be critized... everyone likes things
differently in a GUI... i just like having a one ;) (mmm... hey 31337)

There should be a lot of planning done first (IMHO), to make sure we all
know where were going with this.

On a seperate note, i may be in and out for the next while, as i'm back on
Dial-up (ah... the good old days)

Anyways i'm off...

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - tie at - highos at

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