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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Jun 15 07:12:07 PDT 2000

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> I always thought that majordomo could handle those administrative requests
> to the list.

I disabled that feature. It's very annoying. You wouldn't believe how
many bounces I get on a list like lfs-discuss when it's enabled. It
scans the first so many lines for commands that look like commands
(which aren't necessarily valid majordomo commands to begin with) and
forwards it to me. I got annoyed with it since it were never actual
administrative requests so I have disabled it by now on every list.

At some point I still want to switch to the listar program. It's must
more secure, gives much more list configuration options. Even has a
vacation mode. You can put yourself on vacation mode meaning you won't
receive emails from that list but you're not actually unsubscribed. You
can disable that mode when you're back from your vacation, business
trip. And more options.

Then the VA machine came and I never got around further testing the
listar mailing list program. I'll do this after LFS-2.3.5 is released.
I'll have a bit more time then.

Gerard Beekmans

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