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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at cadvision.com
Wed Jun 14 16:25:25 PDT 2000


> I agree on that. That's why the GUI part will be done later. Let's first
> get some scripts or a C program or whatever thrown together that works.
> We can always build a GUI front-end to that later.

Now, I just want to throw this in... i would love to have a gfx install,
allthough it shouldn't the the only option and/or the first done.

But it still should be done.

I will volunteer to write it... and it can run on several platforms not just
x86, want i was thinking of is writting in in Qt, like Corel did, allthough a
tad different.

Qt has something new that's being developed, a version that runs ontop of the
FrameBuffer, which doesn't need X.  there is also a GTK port IIRC.

I was very impressed when Slackware was installed on both my laptop and home
machine with it booting into the FrameBuffer.  And from what i've gathered, the
Framebuffer works quite nicelly on allmost all platforms, allthough some
research would have to be done to make sure of it ;)

This is what i would like todo.

i'm running on dial-up, shoooooooowwwwwwww... (geez, Gerard i know the felling
again ;)


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