directory structure/files

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Wed Jun 14 04:51:36 PDT 2000


I mentioned to Gerard not too long ago that I would be nice 
to have a master file/directory structure snapshot for each
LFS release. 

You can find some samples of a 2.3.4 @

79105 Jun 14 07:08 filestructure2.3.4-R
590601 Jun 14 07:47 filestructure2.3.4-lsaR     

the difference between the two is the flags I supplied to ls 
either ls -R or ls -lsaR. I did this from the root directory.
I deleted /usr/src and /dev directories from the listing to 
reduce the size. I haven't looked through all of it yet.

I think this will be helpful for anyone developing.

How should this file/directory listing be done? In other 
words how should it appear?

Other comments?

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