I have one here

Richard Richard at reika.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 13 07:43:04 PDT 2000

My current automated linux from scratch script woks like this:

You must set up and mount the partition(s) that you want eg:
mount /mnt/lfs
mount /mnt/lfs/usr

Upack the script & directories:
cd /usr/lfs
tar -xzf alfs-0.1.tar.gz

Edit the host specific stuff eg:

Comment out unwanted optional software in /mnt/lfs/usr/src/lfs/alfs

run the script:
cd /mnt/lfs

If there are any missing packages, or several versions of the same required
package you will be told about it soon.

Watch a film - compilation takes about 2 hours on AMD K7/600MHz/128MB
(the real cause of delay is probably Fujitsu MPE3102AH - a cheap 10GB IDE)

When its over you have the whole of the LFS-2.3.2 system with many of the
enhancements discussed in the mailing lists.

You also get some stuff I wanted, but you might not:

My init.d/rc?.d scrips
My choice of kernel (2.2.14 with RTL8139 NIC and (currently broken) USB)
Almost get to choose which language(s) man pages can be read in
My choice of compiler optimizations
Optional tar.gz of the static installation
List of full path names added or modified by each package

Most of these can be adjusted by the option section of the script
Each package has is own script called by $LFS/usr/src/lfs/alfs
If any package fails, you can correct the problem, then type:-
"usr/src/lfs/alfs" to retry that script and continue.

>From inside you LFS system, "/usr/src/lfs/alfs package" to install
that one package.

The script is available to any that ask for it. I would post it here
but it is 100K (includes /dev)


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