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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jun 12 18:33:04 PDT 2000

(reply to lfs-admin as well since not everybody who wants to be is 
on alfs-discuss yet)

> Something else I have thought about is having an open framework for 
> the "tool" so that others could add their "plugins". Put other normal 
> installation programs for OSes to shame.... :)
> Also I have thought it would be nice to have the add-ons after the 
> "base LFS install" in the tool. Maybe this is wear plugins could come
> in? The ALFS-group produces the base LFS install and the framework
> to work with and others use plugins to extend the installer/concept?

Interesting idea.
> Maybe it could be a snapshot like say how code freezes happen, and 
> we have it on some schedule that anyone can check, no marketing, no
> agendas, just a date. Fix your stuff up by that time, or we are going to 
> freeze it and every app developer out there is going to be writing to 
> your "broken" code???? Dunno where that leads to, but it is an interesting
> thought??

It is. I don't have comments on it though, not yet at least but it's
something we can keep in mind.

Gerard Beekmans

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