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Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Mon Jun 12 18:28:02 PDT 2000


Picking up the discussion from lfs-admin and moving it to alfs-discuss.....

> I'm really intrigued by the idea of molding LFS into exactly that what
> LSB needs to succeed. I'd love to be able to help make such a
> contribution to the Linux community.
> You might have or might not have heard (perhaps merely rumours a couple
> of weeks back) about my plans starting an LFS related project that's
> geared towards businesses. It's something that I am going to start in a
> couple of months (most likely after 2.4 is released but probably a bit
> before that already) and it's going to be called ALFS which stands for
> AutomatedLFS
> The original idea and goal was to create an installation tool that
> sets up an LFS system in the way the book tells you to, but this tool
> can do it all automatically for you. I want this tool to become
> flexible to the extreme and interactive. The tool can do it itself based
> on defaults or let the user override each and every option, right down to
> how package xyz should be compiled (say specific CFLAGS for each and every
> package). This still gives you total control when you desire it but if
> you're happy with the way the book does it you can have the tool do all
> the work for you. Start it, read a newspaper and come back in a couple
> of hours when it's done compiling, has updated lilo.conf, rebooted your
> system and the LFS prompt is waiting for you.

Something else I have thought about is having an open framework for 
the "tool" so that others could add their "plugins". Put other normal 
installation programs for OSes to shame.... :)

Also I have thought it would be nice to have the add-ons after the 
"base LFS install" in the tool. Maybe this is wear plugins could come
in? The ALFS-group produces the base LFS install and the framework
to work with and others use plugins to extend the installer/concept?

BTW you might want to change that to read some news on your 
favorite websites, check your email, feed the cat/dog, go out to eat,
watch a movie and then check on the new system... :) Maybe we 
should have some "things to do" if someone is going to sit there, 
read some documentation, do a planning strategy, play games, ???????

> Now I see, that if ALFS is being used for LSB it might not be the best
> idea to have such a flexible tool (or perhaps it is, I don't know what
> is expected exactly) so that means a side-tracked ALFS project could be
> started. A system that has an installation tool but is less flexible.
> This could be heavily based on ALFS with the proper restrictions to fit
> the description of a distribution that only changes once every 18 months.

Maybe it could be a snapshot like say how code freezes happen, and 
we have it on some schedule that anyone can check, no marketing, no
agendas, just a date. Fix your stuff up by that time, or we are going to 
freeze it and every app developer out there is going to be writing to 
your "broken" code???? Dunno where that leads to, but it is an interesting

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